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Curves and Bullets, Rolo Ledesma, Keith McCleary

Curves & Bullets

Created & Illustrated by Rolo Ledesma

Script, Letters and Layout by Keith McCleary

Published 2012-present by Black Def


An ongoing self-published series, C&B made its debut at New York Comic-Con in 2012, where it sold out over the course of that weekend. It has returned to the convention every year since. 


C&B is a retro-styled free-for-all between warbands of bikers, cyborgs, aliens, mutants, time travelers, and bounty hunters -- a mashup of GI JoeMad MaxLobo, and Tank Girl. Live appearances feature cosplay, customized motorcycles by Rolo, and a variety of posters and apparel.

Issues 1-3 are available on Comixology.

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Download Issue 1 free: BOOK 1: My Life With Armorgang







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